How To Model Railroad Operations John Armstrong talks about planning the HO Clinchfield RR

John Armstrong talks about planning the HO Clinchfield RR

By Angela Cotey | October 1, 2018

Listen to the legendary layout designer discuss his track plan for Stuart Wrightson's HO scale Clinchfield RR

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Click on the links below to listen to these vintage recordings.

In the late 1970s Austrailian model railroader Stuart Wrightson hired legendary layout planner the late John Armstrong to design an HO scale railroad based upon the Clinchfield RR. Stuart ended up building the railroad, but he flipped the plan to better suit his needs. You can read about Stuart’s railroad in the November 2018 Model Railroader.

John often made cassette recordings for his clients where he discussed their projects and his design process. Listen to the recordings that he made for Stuart’s project by clicking the links below. In part 1 John talks about his original design, and in part 2 he discusses Stuart’s revised version.

3 thoughts on “John Armstrong talks about planning the HO Clinchfield RR

  1. I think the wrong recordings were put up. These were not Clinchfield discussions, John is talking about the Aksarben layout plan.

  2. I tried to follow John’s comments whilst looking at the layout diagrams in the November 2018 magazine, but found it impossible to follow because locations were named quite differently to those in his comments.

  3. I hope that content like this is not the future direction of Without the context of layout diagrams and in depth knowledge of the previous discussions around this layout, this is just filler content. There is better content on YouTube that is free.

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