Beginners Ask Trains Ask MR: Building and powering a garden railroad

Ask MR: Building and powering a garden railroad

By Sammi DiVito | November 15, 2021

There’s a lot of info available on

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Large-scale track is seen resting in a bed of gravel in front of a small wood depot
Is ballast enough to secure your garden railway track, or do you desire a more secure roadbed? Luckily, there are a lot of options. Photo by video staff

Q: I am building a garden railroad in Colorado. Any suggestions as to how I should build and lay my track? – Dennis Dvorak, Colorado Springs, Colo.

A: Our sister magazine, Garden Railways, published a whole lot of information about how to build a garden railroad. Model Railroader’s Rene Schweitzer, who comes from GR-land, says that many people follow prototype practice: “Dig a trench, fill it partially with sand and the rest with ballast, and let the track float on top.”

You can find some other techniques in a few of the GR articles available on

Scott Gould’s concrete roadbed
How to: Grading concrete roadbed
 LGB rubber roadbed

I hope one of these techniques works for you.

Q: I would love to have a railroad outdoors. My question is, how do you power it with the outdoor weather? – Peter Meszaros

A: While it’s possible to power a garden railway via track voltage, like an indoor layout, dirt and corrosion caused by exposure to weather makes this method problematic. Many large-scale locomotives designed for outdoor use are, instead, powered by batteries and controlled via radio throttles. This is not only more reliable and realistic than track-powered locomotives, it also makes the layout easier to construct and maintain.

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