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Electric Railroads

By | April 24, 2017

Cover shows a black and white photo of a vintage electric locomotive

The electrification of U.S. railroads has long been a vision for the future that’s never reached its full potential.

From 18th century technology development, to early 20th century progress on major electric traction projects, the United States was a world leader in railroad electrification. But electrification expansion projects were halted during World War II and, despite plenty of postwar optimism, electrification didn’t advance at the pace many had hoped it would.

In this free, 30-page download, learn about the history of railroad electrification in the United States: the progress, the projects and the world events that helped shape — and not shape — electric railroads today. This download also includes rail fans’ personal love for and experiences with famed electric commuter cars and locomotives, as well as an in-depth look at the designer behind the Pennsylvania Railroad’s GG1 locomotive.

Articles included in this free download are:

  • Electrics in the Diesel Age
  • Long Island’s lovable double deckers
  • Donald Dohner: The man who designed ‘Rivets’
  • Remembering the 800s

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  2. There are several scattered around the East & MidWest., David……all though are “stuffed & mounted”…for two reasons. 1) The truck frames have big time cracks and repair would be cost prohibitive to recast or patch weld them. 2) The transformers were Pyranol cooled. This chemical leaked from many of the units, and is a carcinogen, so they have been drained and are unable to be used.

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