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By | October 19, 2020

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As of November 2021:

Brian M. Schmidt, Editor

Lisa M. Schroeder, Assistant Design Director

Monica Freitag, Editorial Assistant

Tom Vorel, Advertising Sales Representative

27 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Why is the “photo of the day” the same all week long, just like last week? I am not impressed with the “new” website at all, along with the downward spiral of the quality and content of both magazines. I used to look forward to receiving them in the mail, but those days are gone. I doubt if this three-decade subscriber is going to renew both Trains and Classic Trains. They are not worth what I pay for them. Wake up Kalmbach!

  2. Once again, as noted above, you launch a “new” website for Classic Trains and promote “Photo of the Day” on the main webpage–only it turns out to be the Photo of the Week, or longer– it can’t be that difficult to figure out that a lot of long -time readers look at that section frequently–and this goof-up after re-arranging Lake Erie & Lake Ontario in the last issue–good grief….

  3. I absolutely agree with the comments of Donald Guthals and have already
    decided to drop Trains Mag soon. I know that change is always problematic
    but in this case it seems to be a distaster.

  4. I Am a subscriber to CT trying to see the story below the picture of the MILW motor train. Your system won’t let me see the story. What is going on?

  5. On the fifth try, I finally got through. Sorry to bother. The motor train from Davenport, Iowa to Kansas City ran past out house during the WWII and for some years after. It and the bay window cabooses made this pre schooler a CMStP&P fan for life. Glad to see the picture of one of them, just as I remember!

  6. I am a full subscriber to both CT and T magazines – why are my views of the website(s) being limited? I will NOT be coerced into joining a “new” website that I do not wish to subscribe to!

  7. How can I get $19.95 Price Adjustment I received in the mail on this website for 1-year subscription? I am a former subscriber.

  8. This “new” site or merger of all your rags reminds me of the UP and SP merger, a mess. I subscribe to Trains and CT and want to be able to read articles without being limited. You keep reducing your print and moving more to digital. Needs to be reversed or I will not be renewing.

  9. Your company has been very good about getting my address straight so I can see the digital copies of when I have been a subscriber for Trains and Model Railroad. Now I hope you can help me with my Classic Trains subscription?
    #302930684532#Expires Spr2025 Issue
    Randy Carlson
    PO Box 758
    Walker MN 56484-0758

  10. I have to agree with all the comments about the mess with Photo of the Day. All the posted dates are like 1/1/1971 or some such and some even earlier dates. You need to FIRE whoever came up with this crap. For all I am paying to subscribe to MR, Trains and CT and now I have to pay through the nose for this new stuff, you sure have made it a big mess.
    Jerry Masker
    Getzville, NY 14068

  11. Over a month I have repeated tried to contact your magzine sub. dept. with zero luck. Searched overwhelmingly the web-site, but still not customer service telephone number. Digitial / pandemic age has created such frustration. WHY CAN’T I FIND A TELEPHOHE NO. TO CONTACT? I’m trying to get a subscription for a birthday present for a surprise. Email with credit card is very FORCEFUL. I do not want that info over the internet.
    Just disgusted.

  12. Corrections for Summer 2021 Issue:
    Just enjoyed a very good article, The South Wind Doesn’t Stop Here, by Phil Gosney.
    One slight correction: According to Timetable #463 of the L&N Railroad dated October 1, 1938 the s/b Pan American was #98, the n/b #99 and was so numbered from its inception until the last day it polished the rails.
    A great read!
    Frank D Bryan, Elizabethtown, Ky.

  13. I’m receiving 2 issues of Classic Trains at the same time. Please respond to me so we can correct this problem.

  14. I received my replacement copy of the Spring issue. Thanks! Sorry that the mail is so horrible here in southeastern PA. I guess the post office hired furloughed Amtark workers. 🙂

  15. Classic Trains – Photo of the Day not convenient to browse
    I miss the previous presentation of the Photo of the Day, where photos prior to the current one were displayed in a “block”, easy to browse through.
    The current presentation “jumps around” and takes me away from the Photo of the Day and I have to jump through hoops to get to earlier photos.

  16. I thought I signed up for the magazine. Is it still available or just the specials? My model Dr did not transfer to but the lady was helpful

  17. After getting my FSM/SAE on line straightened out, CT is blowing it. Here we go again??? Please fix.

  18. Just a quick note about the Classic Trains app icon…

    As a professional developer, I live on my computers 12-16 hours a day, therefore I have Windows set to dark mode to help relieve eye stress. The problem is the Classic Trains app icon is black and is difficult to see on my browser’s toolbar.

    I know, just a nit pick, but thought I would let you know. Trains RED would look much better… 🙂

    Let me know if you need a screenshot…

  19. What is going on with this site? I’m paid up, keep getting told to renew, and what ever happened to 5 day a week picture of the day? No wonder Kalmbach is going down the steepening slope.

  20. I do a reset of my password and your system continues to tell me that it is not correct. What is wrong with your system. Pete

  21. I did not receive my Winter 2021issue of Classic Trains. Could you please let me know when it will come.


    Paul Murray

  22. I used to be able to double-click on the ‘Photo of the Day’ and get a larger image to see more detail. But with your new format I keep getting the following:


    (404 Error: page not found)

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Robert L. Hammershoy

  23. Your “improvements” are abysmal. You say subscribers get unlimited access, but after just a few Photos of the Day I get told I have to join Trains Unlimited. Kalmbach is sinking and sinking.

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