Classic Trains Magazine Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

By Angela Cotey | October 19, 2020

| Last updated on January 29, 2021

Classic Trains depends on its readers for most photos and stories in each issue. We examine each photo submitted, and we do read every story. When sending material, please provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Here are some ground rules:

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We prefer 35mm or larger original color transparencies and 8×10-inch black-and-white or color prints. Do not send negatives. All photos submitted will be returned after we review or use them.


Please provide caption information for all photos. We prefer that slide mounts have as much information on them as possible (location, date, subject); expanded information may be included on a separate sheet. Prints should have all caption material written on or attached to the back. All photos should have the photographer’s (or contributor’s, if different) name on them.

Photo Payments

Classic Trains pays for the one-time editorial use of a photo, upon publication. Rates, based on published size of the photo, begin at $30. Receipt of editorial material is acknowledged by postcard the day it arrives. We appreciate your patience in allowing us to review it. Our Accounts Payable Department requires that we have Social Security (or Federal Taxpayer I.D.) numbers on file from our U.S. contributors before we can issue checks for photos or stories.

Return Policy

All photos will be returned, unless the contributor specifies otherwise. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SSAE) for the return of photos. Classic Trains assumes no responsibility for the return of unsolicited photos or article material. Slides kept on file can be returned upon request and inclusion of an SSAE.


As with photos, the best guide to what is suitable for our format is what we publish. Many articles are assigned in advance, so a written query to the Editor before submitting a story is advisable. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Classic Trains buys one-time exclusive rights to a manuscript; we pay upon acceptance and the execution of our author’s contract.

For more information, write:

Classic Trains
21027 Crossroads Circle
P.O. Box 1612
Waukesha, WI 53187
Fax: (262) 798-6468.

E-mail: (no telephone inquiries, please).

One thought on “Contributor Guidelines

  1. Getting to be a scary time to be a Classic Trains subscriber. The recent shrinkage from 80 something pages to 70 something is worrysome. The letters to the new editor a few months ago said don’t mess with our magazine and I do agree but also know the huge problems facing the editorial staff.
    I am old 77 but while I do have a very nice pc I want my magazines to be printed.
    I can take out a few year old issue and smile when there is a coffee stain on a page or 2..
    the new editorial comments about how we must be ready for change scares me; cuz I believe the announcement to go only digital is coming.
    Viewing the magazine on line is like krypto nft’s; a nft is not a f”””””g thing to quote Steven Colbert.
    Pleast hang on to print until I croak; I’ll have my wife contact you so you then can go digital only

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