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10 thoughts on “Seaboard Coast Line in Florida

  1. Thanks for the memories. I railfanned Florida in the early 60s with my best friend the late Robert E. Taff. Graduating from Tampa’s T.R. Robinson High School in June ’64 I joined the US Army that August and went on to serve three years in the Transportation Corps at Ft. Eustus, Virginia and later in Germany. RIP Robert; I miss you!

  2. Quite interesting- I would like to know more about the Great American Show train. Did Classic Trains do an article on the train? or Train Magazine?

  3. The video I just watched was what would be something I would like to buy at some point in time. It is all about the Seaboard Coast Line which is my favorite railroad of all time. I would really enjoy having part one and part 2 in my collection. I would enjoy watching it when I wanted to watch it. I have a growing collection of Seaboard, Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Coast Line DVDs and I would enjoy watching every minute of these DVDs. It is a great DVD to watch and enjoyable one as well.

  4. That was GRRRRR8. As an N Scale “foreigner” modeling what I believe you guys refer to as the transition era, though I concentrate in the main on steam power, I was intrigued to see the combination of heavyweights, smooth sides & corrugated (hope I have the names right), in the same consist. Many, many thanks from far off Israel.

  5. After the 1967 merger, SCL began shedding redundant trackage and some manifest trains. This action really accelerated after CSX was created…….but great to see this old film footage.

  6. I grew up in Orlando during the 50’s and 60’s and rode ACL/SCL streamliners many times before Amtrak took over in 1971. Oh how I miss the “West Coast Champion” and “City of Miami” like crazy…but I don’t miss the segregated COLORED COACH (CW40) that passed away circa 1956/57.

    Thank you for trip down memory lane.

  7. If Mr Smith & Mr Rice saw the fiasco that AMTRAK created after all their hard work they would be spinning
    in their graves!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t merge in 1967 and have never since and am somewhat embarrassed at what
    has evolved since both in freight service and also AMTRAK so-called passenger service.

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