Photos & Videos Photo of the Day ‘Twilight Limited’ at Ann Arbor

‘Twilight Limited’ at Ann Arbor

By | May 29, 2023

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New York Central J-3a Hudson 5435 with a centipede tender departs Ann Arbor, Mich., with the Chicago–Detroit Twilight Limited in mid-1948.
Stanley E. Yoder photo

2 thoughts on “‘Twilight Limited’ at Ann Arbor

  1. I agree. I rode the Twilight several different times both ways with my mom as we traveled to see her family in Detroit.
    Also the Wolverine, and the Mercury many times for the same reason. My dad was very generous to fund those trips from 1946 to 1955!
    Never went 1st class but did eat in diner on every trip. In early days dining car used charcoal to toast bread–like at a campfire–delicious. Also in those days the potato chips were called Saratoga Chips

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