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Ask | May Compilation #2

Cody Grivno hosts the second of two May 2023 Ask compilations, where he and other knowledgeable guests answer your questions about model and prototype railroading.
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Trains Trackside | Cass Scenic Railroad

Steam trains have been running at Durbin, W.Va., for the past 20 years. But if you look closely, this video captures double-headed Shay steam locomotives working up from Cass, W.Va., for the first time since 1985! Hop aboard for the sights and sounds on this special, restored route along the Greenbrier River.
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TrainsLIVE | Walk through fire

We talk with author Dr. Yasmine Ali about her book, Walk Through Fire, regarding the 1978 train disaster that turned her hometown upside!
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In the Workshop | Working with NCE Switch-8 devices

Ben shows how he used NCE Switch-8 devices to control turnouts on the upper staging yard of Model Railroader’s MR&T HO scale layout, with the goal of preparing the railroad for operating sessions.
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Olympia & Sand Creek, Episode 12 | Paint stripper. Retaining wall. Tunnel centered.

David proves that you don’t have to focus on just one thing for great lengths to find the fun in this hobby! This time out, he’s got a paint stripping project, retaining walls to install, and a tunnel to daylight a tad.
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Spaces to Places IV | Installing the Streets, part 3

After adding lights to structure interiors, adjusting city blocks, and then building, painting, and weathering sidewalks, our host shows his technique for paving roads made from medium-grit sandpaper!
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Big Skies & Iron Rails | Branch Lines and Locals

Branch line and local trains deliver goods to big and small towns everywhere. Follow the “last mile” journey of freight routing into remote America.
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Man in front of a video screen. Video is here!

We’re announcing the release of the all-new Video. This is the new home for the best modeling and railfanning video content including special series, how-to videos, product reviews, and more, on a site that’s easy to navigate.
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Overhead view of railroad diamond crossing.

Rochelle, Ill., Railroad Webcam

Our exclusive feed from Rochelle, Ill., where BNSF and Union Pacific mainlines cross. Workshop Webcam

Watch our staff in action as they work on projects throughout the shop.