Behind The Scenes Trains LIVE Trains LIVE — Rail news analysis with Bill Stephens

Trains LIVE — Rail news analysis with Bill Stephens

By Bob Lettenberger | May 3, 2024

An in-depth look at some of today's top rail news stories

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Trains LIVE — Rail news analysis with Bill Stephens — 5-3-2024 — Every day Trains News Wire brings you the latest railroading news. There are some stories that unfold over weeks and months with each new twist adding to the story’s depth. Bill Stephens, Trains business analyst, reports on the most significant railroad business events, providing perspective on how the events impact the companies, labor, shippers and consumers. Stephens also follows government actions as they relate to the railroads.

Man in vest with pictures on wall behind him. Trains LIVE — Rail news analysis with Bill Stephens
Bill Stephens — Trains business analyst.

In this episode of Trains LIVE, Stephens discusses three significant railroad new stories: The Ancora Holdings proxy battle for Norfolk Southern, the rail safety legislation that has been proposed since the East Palestine, Ohio, derailment, and the CPKC Final Spike Excursion. Stephens takes us inside each of these stories, explaining what is involved, what they mean and who they impact.

Come along as Trains LIVE dives into rail news analysis with Bill Stephens.

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All aboard! It’s time for Trains LIVE!

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