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Close up image of a large steam locomotive under clear skies.


These videos take you alongside Trains.com staff as we visit railroads, shops, and places you'll love to see!

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Workers moving a rail in a tunnel.

How It Works

From bridges to bolts, stators and steam locomotives, these videos show you how railroading works.

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Old home-movie image of a black steam locomotive pushing a red caboose.

Golden Era

Golden Era videos show you the way railroading used to be through the lens of videographers who were there.

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Locomotive engineer in hard hat in locomotive cab.

Railroading Series

Drew's Trackside Adventures, Big Skies & Iron Rails, Charlie's Trackside Postcards, and more!

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Big Boy locomotive moving a train through a curve in a lush landscape.

Train Watching

Follow along with Trains editors and staff as we watch beautiful trains around the world in operation.

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