Toy Trains Product Reviews Menards Santa Fe starter set unboxing and reveal

Menards Santa Fe starter set unboxing and reveal

By Rene Schweitzer | October 13, 2023

CTT unboxes and runs this new set

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CTT Product Review | Menards Santa Fe Train Set | 10-13-2023 | Menards has released an all-new, complete ready-to-run O gauge electric train set! Classic Toy Trains Editor Rene Schweitzer and Contributing Editor Bob Keller unbox the Menards Santa Fe O gauge starter set, examine the features of the components (track, trains, and control system), and then set it up for a test run. They also share insights on another all-new Menards Track Inspection Set featuring two M&Ms-themed operating track vehicles. Don’t miss the industry’s first look at the newest train sets to hit the market — on!

To learn more about the components of this set, read our news release.

To see more Menards train products, visit their website.


One thought on “Menards Santa Fe starter set unboxing and reveal

  1. Enjoyed the unboxing video. Wondering why Menards doesn’t make plastic roadbed track? I know they make adapter tracks for steel track to lionel fastrack. Patent issue?
    Also why the gloves Bob, you didn’t say but guessing to avoid getting scratched up by sharp metal track?

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