Railroading Train Watching Train Life: A Railway Simulator | Product Overview

Train Life: A Railway Simulator | Product Overview

By Bryson Sleppy | October 4, 2023

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Host Bryson Sleppy takes train watching in a different direction, as he examines the world of “Train Life: A Railway Simulator,” a captivating railway simulator/game. Developed by Simteract (released in 2022), the game offers an immersive experience across Europe’s major cities like Berlin, Zurich, and Amsterdam. Unlike traditional train simulators, “Train Life” takes you beyond operating trains, allowing you to build and expand a railway company. From a humble start with a single locomotive, grow your empire, hire drivers, and transport both passengers and cargo. Navigate dynamic weather, follow speed limits, and avoid obstacles, all while enjoying the bustling cities and serene countryside.


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