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Tried and True Tools from the Kalmbach Hobby Store

By | October 19, 2020

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Want to learn what the editors of Model Railroader and Model Railroader Video Plus use when they head down to the workshop to build the latest model or layout? Check out these Tried and True Tools and other products available at the Kalmbach Hobby Store!

10 thoughts on “Tried and True Tools from the Kalmbach Hobby Store

  1. So sad that Cody is “pushing 30”! Nice collection of tools, etc. Competition for Micro-Mark.

  2. I’m thinking of giving the paints a try. My decreasing supply of Polly Scale is aging so I could benefit from one of each set.

  3. I have had two of these for over 10 years. I never use anything else for applying liquid cement unless its a large area. These are just fantastic, better than anything else I have ever tried.

  4. Great video guys on Kalmbach products. I’ll shop there for things I cannot find at the local hobby shop. Thanks

  5. If I order in the next 15 minutes do I get a second set of MRVP dvds for free?!?

    In all honesty I’m glad to see the mix of products. It’s nice to know what’s out there AND what the pros prefer.

  6. Gerry, I’m with you! I saw you demo one on Off The Rails and then just happened to see one and the hobby shop up the street (Really small and caters more to RC cars) and then dropped it a few weeks later. I was devastated to say the least. But then, David and Cody made this video and now I can get a new one… Or maybe 10. I may need them all with my track record lol

  7. TOUCH ‘N FLOW APPLICATOR?!??! I’ll take TEN!! (Trust me, folks, once you use one you’ll never go back to using a brush.)

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