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Video: SoundTraxx equipped HO Atlas U30B on the Eagle Mountain RR

By Angela Cotey | October 19, 2020

| Last updated on November 3, 2020

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In the November 2017 issue of Model Railroader associate editor Eric White shows how he used some parts on hand to install a sound system into an Atlas HO scale U30B locomotive. These parts include a SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder and speaker. Check out the finished result as Eric demos the locomotive on the HO scale Eagle Mountain project layout.

7 thoughts on “Video: SoundTraxx equipped HO Atlas U30B on the Eagle Mountain RR

  1. Hi guys,
    Yes, the decoder could use a bit more tuning. Thanks for the suggestions.
    And I’ll have to see if there are any options for the horn. If anyone has found video of the Eagle Mountain U30Cs in operation, let us know, but likely they should sound like similar Southern Pacific locomotives, as they were part of an SP order.

  2. This is the smoothest running diesel model I’ve seen. Jerky start and running at tinplate speeds perhaps to avoid poor slow speed operation. Roger Thomas’ comment is correct and the decoder needs tuning. That should help considerably and probably it is not the Atlas U30B drive train at fault. What say you Eric?

  3. If this were my engine and layout, I would be cutting back significantly on speed via CVs 5 and 6, plus adding momentum on CVs 3 (100) and 4 (50). Small railroad – no need to dash around quickly, plus the momentum better gives the feel of a real loco.

  4. Sounds like a GE motor, but missed the puff of black smoke on the start. Interesting that the dynamic brake sound was used on a locomotive that does not have dynamics. Runs kinda fast to boot.

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