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Rail joiner installation tool

By | March 28, 2011

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Rail joiner installation tool
I was looking for a tool to install rail joiners on my N scale layout. I was struggling, like many others I’m sure, so I stopped in a local Hobby store, Angelo Hobbies, in Haltom City and asked about such a tool. I was informed that they in fact made such a tool. I was shown how to at the store and then that luckily led me to work on my track.

I found it very easy to use. The steel tool has a small hole in one end allowing the joiner to be held at the proper track height in order to slide the joiner onto to track with out fumbling with it. Once the joiner has been started onto the track, you turn the tool over. The other end has a curved face that will help in pushing the joiner back along the rail. This end also has a slot cut into it. Place the new rail to be joined and using the slotted face placed over the rail push the joiner forward connecting the rails.

I couldn’t believe how quick and easy this was to do. I find this to be a valuable tool for any toolbox. Angelo Hobbies sells them in HO scale and N scale sizes. You can order direct from

MRSP: $14.95 each; $39.95 for set off all three sizes.

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