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Atlas HO scale turntable

By Angela Cotey | May 10, 2011

| Last updated on November 3, 2020

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Atlas HO scale turntable
This product is a good, inexpensive direct-current powered turntable for the modelers who don’t a lot of money to spend. It features a handwheel to control by hand.

The roundhouse slots have As and Bs to show how to install track. The table itself has no pit, but looks fine and has the good Atlas name on the gearbox. It can be upgraded with a motor for a small price.

It also has a roundhouse kit that can be upgraded with it. If you choose to upgrade it, all it will cost around 75 dollars.

The model comes with very good instructions, but electronic setup is a bit difficult. The model is small so it fits smaller locomotives. But if you run diesels, it is not hard. I don’t recommend buying it if you run large locomotives, but if you need a small inexpensive turntable, buy this.

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