News & Reviews News Three new products from Rapido Trains

Three new products from Rapido Trains

By Cody Grivno | December 27, 2023

HO scale Electro-Motive Corp. FT diesels, HO scale Toronto subway cars, and N scale Budd Rail Diesel Cars join manufacturer’s product lineup

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HO scale Electro-Motive Corp. FT diesels

Line art of an Electro-Motive Corp. FT locomotive pair in Milwaukee Road colors

The Electro-Motive Corp. (EMC) FT is one of three new products from Rapido Trains. Road names include Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (freight and passenger schemes); Boston & Maine (maroon); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (gray); Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (gray and maroon); Great Northern (as-delivered scheme); Milwaukee Road (as-delivered scheme); New York, Ontario & Western (gray); Northern Pacific (pine tree scheme); and Reading Co. (black and green). 

Features on the EMC FT include an injection-molded plastic shell; die-cast metal chassis; five-pole motor with dual flywheels; MoPower capacitor system; working headlights, ground lights, number boxes, and back-up lights; wire grab irons and handrails; etched side and fan screens; and a full, multi-color interior. In addition, the cab units will have a close-coupling system; underbody piping and draft-gear detail; drawbar or coupler connections between A and B units; and railroad-specific number boards, dynamic brake hatch (as appropriate), and steam generator hatch (as appropriate). 

Pricing for direct-current models is $209.95 (FT B) and $439.95 (FT A-B set). Sound-equipped models with an ESU V5 decoder sell for $319.95 (FT B) and $659.95 (FT A-B set). 


HO scale Toronto subway cars

CAD rendering of two red subway cars at a station

Rapido Trains will be offering its HO scale Toronto subway cars in a four-car set, two-car set (“married pair”), and a display featuring an unpowered two-car set with a re-creation of the 1954 St. Clair station platform. The display has lighting powered by a supplied 12V DC power supply.

Features on the HO scale Toronto subway cars include detailed interiors with seats, hand holds, and lighting; working headlights, rear marker lights, and destination sign; underbody details; and wire grab irons. 

Direct-current models are priced at $265.95 (two-car set) and $522.45 (four-car set). Versions with a dual-mode sound decoder list for $455.95 (two-car set) and $712.45 (four-car set). The two-car train and display platform retails for $237.45. 


N scale Budd Rail Diesel Cars

Line art of a Budd Rail Diesel Car in Amtrak colors

Wrapping up the list of three new products from Rapido Trains are N scale Budd Rail Diesel Cars (RDC). The models, designed from original blueprints and field measurements, are offered with Phase I and Phase II body details. 

Models based on the Phase I prototype will be decorated for Amtrak (phase 2 scheme); Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (DC-191 and DC-192); Baltimore & Ohio; Metro-North Commuter RR; New York, New Haven & Hartford (McGinnis scheme); New York Central (stripes); and Southern Pacific (No. 10, as-delivered scheme). Schemes on Phase II models will include Boston & Maine (McGinnis scheme), BC Rail (blue), Canadian National (“wet noodle” herald), CP Rail (Action Red), Reading Co. (safety stripes), and VIA Rail (early). Painted stainless steel but unlettered models (Phases I and II) will also be offered.

Features on the N scale Budd RDC include a hidden drive system, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, directional headlights and red marker lights, flicker-free interior lighting, a detailed interior, and tinted window glazing. The model is offered with fabricated or cast trucks as appropriate and has factory-installed couplers. 

The N scale Budd RDC is a conditional release, meaning that minimum order quantities must be met for the project to proceed. The order deadline is March 15, 2024. Direct-current models are priced at $142.45 (Santa Fe two-car set, $284.91). Versions with a dual-mode ESU V5 sound decoder sell for $246.95 (Santa Fe two-car set, $493.91).

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