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New model trains for the week of November 19, 2020

By | November 16, 2020

Check out the latest HO, N, and O scale model railroad products from Athearn, Bachmann, Rapido Trains, and more!

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Diesel locomotive

HO scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division F-series diesel locomotives. Burlington Northern (Northern Pacific “Pinetree” scheme patchout; F7A, F7B, and F7A-B set in one road number each), Denver & Rio Grande Western (Aspen Gold, silver, and black; F9B in one number; F9A-B set in two numbers), Milwaukee Road (1970s orange and black; F7A in one number and F7A-B set in two numbers), Northern Pacific (“Pinetree” scheme; F5A in one number and F7A-B set in two numbers), Southern Pacific (gray and scarlet with Gothic lettering; F7A and F7A-B set in one number each), and St. Louis Southwestern (gray and scarlet with “Cotton Belt” lettering, F7A in one number only). Factory-installed and painted wire grab irons, light-emitting-diode headlights, and prototype-specific details. Direct-current model with 21-pin NEM plug for Digital Command Control decoder: Single A or B unit, $199.98; A-B set, $379.98. With dual-mode SoundTraxx Tsunami2 sound decoder: Single A or B unit, $289.98; A-B set, $559.98. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Diesel locomotive
Athearn HO scale Electro-Motive Division F-series diesel locomotives

HO scale freight cars
FMC 4,700-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. Burlington Northern (reporting marks only in two numbers, with road name but no herald in one number), Interstate Commodities Inc. (gray with reporting marks only), BNSF Ry. (oxide red with post-2005 herald [with “Scale Monitor Car” lettering in two road numbers, without in three numbers]), Chicago & North Western (faded yellow), and Denver & Rio Grande Western (orange). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. See-through etched-metal running boards and crossover platforms, two outlet gate variations, and 100-ton trucks with 36” machined metal wheels. $37.98. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Two covered hoppers
Athearn HO scale FMC 4,700-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hoppers

50-foot gondola. Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo (black); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (pre-merger green); Conrail (white “Quality” scheme); CSX (black); Herzog (Oxide Red); David J. Joseph (black); Norfolk Southern (orange maintenance-of-way scheme); RailGon (black); Southern Ry. (brown with billboard lettering); and Union Pacific (brown). Three road numbers per scheme. Separate, factory-applied brake wheel; 33” machined metal wheelset; and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. $27.98. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Fifty foot gondola
Athearn HO scale 50-foot gondola

40-foot Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcar. Chicago Great Western (Built 1951, repainted 3-59). Separate, factory-applied ladders, grab irons, and running board; 6-foot Youngstown doors; and Kadee scale couplers. $42.95. Kadee Quality Products Co., 541-826-3883,

Red boxcar
Kadee HO scale 40-foot Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcar

Crane rail car. Add-on piece for Construction Site starter set (sold separately). Features positionable boom, outriggers, hand crank, and magnetic box for hauling loads. Crane boom and load supports can be folded in for transporting crane on the rails. $21.99. Märklin My World series. Märklin Inc., 800-321-8811,

Crane rail car
Märklin Inc. HO scale crane rail car

Pennsylvania RR F30 series flatcars. Conrail (F30A maintenance of way), Lehigh Valley (F30A), Penn Central (F30A), Pennsylvania RR (F30A [delivery, 1950s, and 1960s schemes] and F30D delivery), and TTX (F30D [early and late red] and F30G yellow). Six road numbers per scheme. Single car, $49.95; six-pack, $299.70. Undecorated single cars also available (F30A and F30D trailer on flatcar [early and late styles]). Die-cast metal chassis and deck, PRR 2E-F10 trucks (converted roller bearing or full roller bearing), full brake rigging, and Kadee no. 158 semi-scale couplers. Late 2021 delivery. Rapido Trains Inc., 905-474-3314,

Different angles of flatcars
Rapido Trains HO scale Pennsylvania RR F30 series flatcars

HO scale sets
Construction Site starter set. Includes rechargeable locomotive, three pieces of rolling stock (cement mixer and two loadable freight cars), 20 sections of plastic track, and separate power shovel. $109.99. Märklin My World series. Märklin Inc., 800-321-8811,

Box scale set
Märklin Inc. HO scale construction site starter set

HO scale details and accessories
40-foot high-cube refrigerated intermodal container. “K” Line, Hamburg Süd, CP Ships, NYK Logistics & Megacarrier, and United Arab Shipping Co. Two three-packs per paint scheme. Injection-molded plastic with Daikin refrigeration unit and five hinge/four door with out-style handles. Three-pack, $56.95. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,

Three refrigerated containers
Atlas Model Railroad Co. HO scale 40-foot high-cube refrigerated intermodal container

Construction site station building kit. Add-on accessory for Construction Site starter set (sold separately). Interactive set includes large crane, construction site vehicles, and other play functions. $43.99. Märklin My World series. Märklin Inc., 800-321-8811,

Construction site set
Märklin Inc. HO scale construction site station building kit

N scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe diesel locomotive. Union Pacific (“Building America” scheme in two road numbers; Powered by Our People, George Bush 41 Presidential Library and Museum [original and funeral schemes]; and “The Spirit of the Union Pacific” in one number each), BHP Iron Ore (“bubbles” scheme), BNSF Ry. (Heritage III), Canadian National (red, white, and black with “wet noodle” herald and website), CSX (dark blue and yellow), Electro-Motive Diesel demonstrator (blue and white, one number), Kansas City Southern (Southern Belle and Support Our Troops schemes, one number each), and Progress Rail Leasing (Chesapeake & Ohio “heritage” unit, one number). Two road numbers per scheme unless noted; also available undecorated (UP body style). Dual-mode Paragon3 sound decoder with Rolling Thunder; plastic body with die-cast metal chassis; and separate, factory-applied handrails, ladders, whistles, and bell. $259.99. Late December 2020. Broadway Limited Imports,

Yellow diesel locomotive
Broadway Limited Imports N scale Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe diesel locomotive

N scale freight cars
Pullman-Standard 4,427-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe; Burlington Northern (1991 scheme); Chicago & North Western (green); Harmon Grain, Trumbull, Neb.; Montana Rail Link (gray); Pillsbury; Union Pacific (gray with reporting marks and shield); and Wisconsin Central. Six numbers per scheme (three single cars and one three-pack). Screw-mounted roller-bearing trucks with 36” machined metal wheelsets and body-mounted McHenry couplers. Single car, $28.98; three-pack, $84.98. AthearnN. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Covered hopper
Athearn N scale Pullman-Standard 4,427-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper

N scale train sets
Thomas with Annie & Clarabel. Set includes Thomas the Tank Engine, coaches Annie and Clarabel, 24” circle of nickel silver E-Z Track (11 pieces of curved track and one curved plug-in terminal rerailer), power pack, and speed controller. $235. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,

Thomas the Train box set
Bachmann N scale Thomas with Annie & Clarabel train set

O scale structures
Laser-cut wood kits. Crossing shanty two-pack, $30. Section house, $45. Crossing shanty, based on Boston & Maine prototype on grounds of Ipswich (Mass.) Museum, includes 3-D printed smokejack. Section house is based on B&M structure once located near Topsfield Road in Ipswich, Mass. Ipswich Hobbies, 919-721-8757,

Laser wood kit of a shanty and house
Ipswich Hobbies O scale laser-cut wood kits
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