News & Reviews News Model Train Stuff to reopen under Factory Direct Hobbies family (updated)

Model Train Stuff to reopen under Factory Direct Hobbies family (updated)

By Mitch Horner | March 12, 2024

| Last updated on April 1, 2024

A new chapter for Model Train Stuff

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Seemingly bringing an end to a saga of uncertainty, Model Train Stuff is set to reopen under the Factory Direct Hobbies family.

In a statement released by Factory Direct Hobbies President Joe Grubba, it was announced that M.B. Klein and Model Train Stuff will live on as a part of the Arden, North Carolina-based company.

The logos for Model Train Stuff and Factory Direct Hobbies

Per a statement on the company’s Facebook page: “… As we move forward, I want to assure you that our team is dedicated to not only bringing back the ( you know and love, but also making it even better. We’re committed to maintaining its unique identity and ensuring that it remains your go-to source for all things model trains…”

Plans for the revamped Model Train Stuff customer experience include improved logistics and faster shipping, enhanced search functionality, and a reintegration of the Model Train Stuff rewards program, with a stated goal of restoring previously earned points. Factory Direct Hobbies aims to maintain Model Train Stuff’s identity as an independent website and brand.

Additionally, Model Train Stuff customer service manager John Weigel will be reprising his role with the company.

Per Factory Direct Hobbies, updates are forthcoming and will be announced as available.

Factory Direct Hobbies has stated that they are open to customer feedback during this reopening process. Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to:

An interview with the president of Model Train Stuff regarding the future of the company is available here.

– Updated on April 1 at 2:45pm to include a link to interview

2 thoughts on “Model Train Stuff to reopen under Factory Direct Hobbies family (updated)

  1. Great news! This is my go to store for model railroad purchases and I was saddened when I heard the news they were closing.

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