News & Reviews News Accurail announces custom-decorated cars for “virtual Trainfest”

Accurail announces custom-decorated cars for “virtual Trainfest”

By Cody Grivno | October 21, 2021

Ordering for HO scale kits begins Oct. 26, 2021

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Accurail, an Elburn, Ill.-based manufacturer of easy-to-build HO scale injection-molded plastic kits, announced the models it will be offering for “virtual Trainfest.” Accurail has a longstanding tradition of producing custom-run cars for the annual train show, which has been on hiatus the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s lineup includes Burlington Northern American Car & Foundry two-bay Center Flow covered hoppers ($20.98 each), Burlington Northern Santa Fe Pullman-Standard 4,750-cubic-foot capacity three-bay covered hoppers ($21.98 each), Shasta Water/Southern Pacific 36-foot double-sheathed boxcars ($19.98 each), and a Wisconsin & Southern 50-foot double-plug-door boxcar (Toledo, Peoria & Western patchout paint scheme in one road number, $19.98). Each paint scheme is offered in three road numbers unless noted.

Ordering for the cars will be opened on October 26, 2021. The models will begin shipping on November 17. The cars are available direct from Accurail only. For more information, visit

Three BN two-bay Center Flow covered hoppers painted gray with black graphics.
Accurail’s new American Car & Foundry two-bay Center Flow covered hopper will be decorated in Burlington Northern’s gray-and-black paint scheme. The injection-molded plastic kit will be offered in three road numbers.


Three BNSF Ry. three-bay covered hoppers painted Cascade Green with white graphics.
For a short time after the Burlington Northern Santa Fe merger, some covered hoppers were painted Cascade Green with a small circle-cross herald. The covered hopper will be offered in three road numbers.


Three SP 36-foot double-sheathed boxcars painted blue with black graphics.
These Southern Pacific 36-foot double-sheathed boxcars are painted blue with “Shasta Water Tank Car” and “Shasta Water from Shasta Springs” lettering. The cars include a modeler-installed metal brake staff and plastic brake wheel.


50-foot double-plug-door boxcar with TP&W herald and WSOR reporting marks and road number.
Double-plug-door boxcars were the backbone of Wisconsin & Southern’s canned goods fleet for many years. To get the cars into service quicker, the railroad patched over the original reporting marks and road number but left the rest of the paint untouched. A photo online shows WSOR 503203 still in this patchout paint scheme in October 1990.


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