45 Years on the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy


In this Issue

The original Milwaukee, Racine & Troy

The HO scale layout was the star of Kalmbach’s downtown Milwaukee headquarters

Feelin' the blues

A look at MR&T locomotive paint schemes

New era for the MR&T

A well-lit, climate-controlled space for MR’s 28 x 54-foot HO scale layout

Legacy of a kitbashing pioneer

Art Curren built notable scenes for both versions of the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy

Operating night on the MR&T

Running Model Railroader‘s original HO layout

Adding a quarry branch

Winter Hill goes beyond the benchwork to model two big-time industries

Racine at last!

You can build this plan for one of the overlooked MR&T namesake cities in a spare room

Efficient operation at Port Marquette Yard

In a well-designed model railroad yard, as on the prototype, each track has its purpose

Evolving command control on the MR&T

The Model Railroader staffs layout has always been a testbed for Digital Command Control and new projects

Modernizing the WSOR

A section of the former MR&T gets new track, new scenery, and six new industries

Building Bay Junction

An important central section of the MR&T gets the attention it deserves

Downtown Milwaukee on the old MR&T

Taking photos for a backdrop, plus tricks to blend the background into the foreground

Operation for the MR&T

The layout isn’t ready for it yet, but we have ideas

Commuting for work on the MR&T

Adding commuter service is easy with careful planning

Port of Milwaukee rehab project

Transforming dusty track and plywood into a port with a purpose