How To Track Plan Database The Salt Lake Route

The Salt Lake Route

By Angela Cotey | November 20, 2009

| Last updated on January 19, 2021

Download this track plan from Model Railroader

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Name: The Salt Lake Route
Scale: N (1:160)
Size: 4 x 9 feet
Prototype: Union Pacific
Locale: Meadow Valley Wash in southern Nevada
Era: present day
Style: island
Mainline run: 15 feet
Minimum radius: 10″
Minimum turnout: no. 6
Maximum grade: level

Originally appeared in the January 2010 issue of Model Railroader.
Click on the link to download the PDF of this track plan.
Sectional track diagram
Kato Unitrack

20-000 93/4″straight (22)
20-010 75/16″straight (13)
20-020 47/8″straight (7)
20-030 21/2″ straight (6)
20-041 27/16″ straight feeder (7)*
20-048 2″ straight with bumping post (6)
20-050 3″-41/4″ expansion section (16)
20-101 93/4″-radius curve (4)
20-110 11″-radius curve (1)
20-111 11″-radius curve (2)
20-121 123/8″-radius curve (1)
20-140 15″-radius curve (2)
20-150 281/4″-radius curve (4)
20-160 19″-radius curve (5)
20-202 no. 6 left-hand turnout (6)
20-203 no. 6 right-hand turnout (6)
20-210 123/4″ double crossover
20-300 15-degree crossing
20-437 double-track bridge, silver
20-8701 V11 track set
20-004 (2), 20-023 (1), 20-042 (1),
20-043 (1), 20-181 (7), 20-182R (3), 20-182L (3)

*Dick used seven of these short feeder sections as indicated on the track plan. In seven other instances, he used Kato factory-wired terminal joiners as feeders. The other two feeders were in section 20-043 from the V11 track set.


Cork sheet
Liquid Nails for Projects
N scale cork roadbed
N scale track nails
Click on the link to download the PDF of this track plan showing Kato’s superelevated sectional track.

DCC command station and plug panel locations
The location of the DCC command station and plug panels are shown on this track plan. The blue arrows indicate feeder wires.

Click on the link to download the PDF of this track plan showing the location of the DCC command station and plug panels.

12 thoughts on “The Salt Lake Route

  1. I am very interested in building this layout, but the track plan appears to have a few errors. I am trying to replicate the geometry in AnyRail and have run into some significant alignment issues when I follow the part numbers and placement shown in the pdf file. Has anyone caught these and is there an errata sheet available?

  2. I sold all of my N scale model railroad equipment 🙁
    I want to start up this wonderful hobby again so I figured I might give this plan a try. Its portable witch means I can transport it to model train shows.

  3. this will my fisrt layout in some 40 years and i have little knowledge with dcc i am planning to go dc at first, how many controlles does the salt lake require.

  4. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I might go about building a similar sized model do Boston south station?

  5. This is the best plan I have seen for a small layout in any scale. So much so, that, with minor modifications to the Caliente side, I built it in a spare bedroom. I have built many layouts over the years in HO, On3, G, Fn3 and garden. This is my first N scale and it is my favorite one. Thanks Dick and MR for a great layout.

  6. I'm planning a 4'x13' N scale island layout with narrow around the wall extensions, so this layout provides some great ideas. I especially like the use of Kato Unitrack and that the layout is set in the present, both features congruent with what I 'm contemplating.

  7. well sir, for kato track, WOW! Nice job!! Seen all your videos Thanks for all your Info,I have Buddy He to is in N"scale.he thought the layout was real clever on how it came to be I must admitt i thought it to be too…… THANKS AGAIN SIR,….

  8. I think I will use parts of the yard design on a larger layout, probably an an intermodel or junction yard. But as a first layout, this is a great idea, though the side w/ the bridge could use more details. Mabye a city backdrop, kind of like a miniature City's Edge layout!

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