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Robert McLaughlin’s N scale Sierra Northern layout

By | June 14, 2022

This layout is built on a hollow-core door

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Sierra Northern track plan

Facts & features

Name: Sierra Northern
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: 3′-0″ x 7′-6″
Prototype: Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific
Locale: Western mountain railroad
Era: 1949
Style: island
Mainline run: 18 feet
Minimum radius: 16″
Minimum turnout: no. 4 (main line), no. 6 (branch)
Maximum grade: none
Benchwork: hollow-core door
Height: 42″
Roadbed: cork
Track: Atlas code 55
Scenery: plaster cloth over tape
Backdrop: photographs
Control: Digital Command Control with NCE PowerCab

Download a PDF of this track plan!

Sierra Northern track plan
Robert McLaughlin’s N scale Sierra Northern layout.

2 thoughts on “Robert McLaughlin’s N scale Sierra Northern layout

  1. There is a scale inconsistency here. The article title and the description on the photo says N scale, but the “Facts & Features” section indicates HO. Makes me question some of the other “specs”. Hopefully someone will see this comment and be able to fix the information.

    1. The “HO” is clearly a mistake. Everything else clearly makes it “N” and if you look at the lower left corner under”Sierra Northern” clearly says N scale. There is no way you can build that railroad in HO on a hollow door.

      It does seem weird that one would use #4 turnouts on the main and #6 on the branch.

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