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HO scale Cascade & Columbia River RR

By | July 22, 2014

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Name: Cascade & Columbia River RR
Layout designer: Bob Sprague
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: 15′-0″ x 21′-0″
Prototype: Cascade & Columbia River RR
Locale: Washington state
Era: Present day
Style: walkaround
Minimum radius: 27.5″ (main), 18″ (industrial)
Minimum turnout: no. 6
Maximum grade: 2.5 percent

Originally appeared in the August 2014 Model Railroader. Click on the link to download the PDF of this track plan.

3 thoughts on “HO scale Cascade & Columbia River RR

  1. I really like this track plan, and appreciate the designer's willingness to share it with the community. If I had the space (and the disposable cash), I'd build something like this for my permanent "dream" layout. It has a nice nice long mainline run, yet it's still a manageable size without being ridiculously huge. Definitely filing this one away for future reference!

  2. Looking at the upper level track plan, I can't figure out how the main line from Janis to Omak makes it over the helix as the grade descends one half turn away from the crossover point. According to my calculations, a 27.5" radius helix should take at least one full turn to make a crossover possible. Am I missing or not seeing something here? I also like this track plan and it would fit nicely in a space that I will soon have in our new house. Other than this observation, the track plan looks good and makes a lot of sense to operate with a small crew. I'm looking forward to see if I can make this track plan work.

  3. This was originally a branch of the great northern. Early it ran into Canada. Industries include Biles-Coleman lumber mills, mining, fruit (apples) wheat, cattle. It used light steam engines, doodlebugs. The Rusty Dusty a boo about this branch is available from the Gnrhs.

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