How To Track Plan Database A portable steel mill layout in N scale

A portable steel mill layout in N scale

By Mitch Horner | October 5, 2023

A playful interpretation of an early 20th century steel mill

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Facts & features

Name: Steel mill with a twist
Scale: N (1:160)
Size: 3′-0″ x 6′-8″
Prototype: Freelanced
Locale: Upper Midwest
Era: Mid-20th century
Style: Island
Mainline run: 17 feet
Minimum radius: 11.25″
Minimum turnout: None
Maximum grade: None
Benchwork: Hollow-core door
Height: Varies by venue
Roadbed: None
Track: Kato Unitrack and Bachmann E-Z Track
Scenery: Extruded-foam insulation board
Backdrop: None
Control: Direct-current cab control with Bachmann Auto-Reversing Systems

portable steel mill layout: A model railroad trackplan modeled after a steel mill in the upper midwest


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3 thoughts on “A portable steel mill layout in N scale

  1. HO is appropriately twice the size of N, just double all the published dimensions and you’ll have a plan for HO scale.

  2. is there a HO scale version of this layout? I find this N-scale layout fascinating. all the detailing is precise and accurate. i love this layout but only have HO-scale

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