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Ask MR: What do different TTX marks signify?

By | December 25, 2020

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Question: I have six freshly painted brass O scale auto racks that I need decals for. I’ve found some TTX flatcar sets that might be close. Do auto racks have special letters before or after the reporting mark different from those on a regular TTX flatcar? – Tom Champley, Oregon, Ill.

Answer: Yes. Each type of car has its own reporting mark. The type of 89-foot flatcars commonly used with early auto racks are designated RTTX. Enclosed tri-level auto racks are ETTX; CTTX is a roofless enclosed tri-level rack. Non-enclosed bi-level racks are TTBX; enclosed ones are TTGX. Non-enclosed tri-level racks are TTKX. TTNX is a single-deck enclosed auto rack for large trucks, and TTQX is a tri-level rack for minivans and automo- biles. TTRX is another non-enclosed tri-level rack, and TTSX is a roofless enclosed bi-level rack. TTVX is a tri-level auto rack without end doors. As the difference between these types of auto racks can be inobvious, I suggest you do a Google image search of each reporting mark to see which mark is appropriate for the kind of auto racks you have.

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