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The Magical Kingdom Railroad

By Angela Cotey | August 6, 2019

The latest version of Don's amusement park-themed layout

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Name: Don Wolford
Railroad Name: Don Wolford’s Magical Kingdom Railroad
Location: Barrington, IL
Scale: O
Theme: Amusement Park
Description: Latest version of my layout! Using computer control for the show, featuring several trains, monorails, and many animated rides.

2 thoughts on “The Magical Kingdom Railroad

  1. Rodney: The monorails can be directly purchased from Disney. The rides are from several manufacturers, including: Mr. Christmas, Lemax, and Dept. 56. Some of them (for example the Swan Boats) I made myself. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful layout and effects: would love to know the manufacturer of the rides and monorail. Great impressive work and thanks for sharing! Rod in CT

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