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Carey Tarkman’s Standard and O gauge layout

By Rene Schweitzer | April 20, 2023

This colorful layout has a lot to enjoy

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Carey Tarkman has built a 15 x 20 foot layout that includes both Standard gauge and O gauge. It includes Lionel, MTH, and American Flyer motive power.

The elements needed to give life to a display featuring prewar models differ from the norm. They demand different skills and artistry from the builder. He or she must figure out how to balance the color, size, and purpose of the various items to create any number of memorable and pleasing scenes.

Carey has mastered the talents essential for a Standard gauge display both fascinating and entertaining. Perhaps the finest example of her work is the three-ring circus playing host to an MTH reproduction of the famous circus set marketed by Ives in the 1920s. She has arranged vivid backdrops, animals, a tightrope walker, acrobats, billboards, and spectators.

See more of her layout in the May/June 2023 issue of Classic Toy Trains.

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