News & Reviews Product Reviews MTH RailKing SD70ACe and caboose look good, run great

MTH RailKing SD70ACe and caboose look good, run great

By Hal Miller | June 3, 2022

Set brings big, modern power to compact layouts

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The MTH RailKing SD70ACe and caboose aren’t a set with a bunch of cars and track and a transformer. But they do make a great pair!

The RailKing Imperial SD70ACe and a nice bay-window van (Product no. 30-20954-1) as they call them in Canada are available in a variety of roadnames. This set is decorated in the Canadian Pacific heritage paint scheme.

While it’s a big locomotive, this set will run on layouts of all sizes down to O-31 curves. So how do they do that? The wheels on the first and second axles have flanges. The wheels on the third axle are “blind” with no flanges, allowing them to swing out of the way on tight curves.

The pair has an impressive feature set. The SD70Ace sports antennas and GPS locators on the roof. You also have headlights and lighted number boards, sand fillers, chain on the walkway pass-through, operating couplers, cut levers, and operating ditch lights that turn on when the horn is blown while the locomotive is moving. It also has operating smoke exhaust and a fantastic array of horns.

The colorful bay-window caboose has an equal amount of detail. There are antennas and a smoke jack on the roof along with the see-through walkway. Plus there are ladders and grab irons all around. The interior is lit and has crew figures too. There are also chains on the walkways, brake wheels and the end-of-train red light.

Models courtesy of Sommerfeld’s Trains & Hobbies, Butler, Wis.

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