News & Reviews Product Reviews First look: The Menards Caboose Coffee Shop is smokin’ hot

First look: The Menards Caboose Coffee Shop is smokin’ hot

By Hal Miller | June 7, 2023

Your O scale customers can pull up for a steaming cup of Joe

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The Menards Caboose Coffee Shop accessory has dropped, and it’s going to make your O scale caffeine lovers very happy.

Menards Caboose Coffee Shop
What better use for an old caboose body than to make it into a coffee shop!

I love coffee. I also enjoy cabooses. This accessory mixes both very successfully. Really, what better use for an old crummy than a shop like this?

Menards Caboose Coffee Shop
The structure has four figures, a die-cast Dodge truck, and nice landscaping.

Like a lot of other Menards model railroad buildings, it gives maximum scenic effect while inhabiting minimal real estate. The whole operation occupies an 11×5-inch area, so all it needs is a narrow strip next to a road.

The Menards Caboose Coffee Shop

Operations at Caboose Coffee are moving at full steam as evidenced by the water-vapor “smoke” that puffs from the stack on the roof. This is the third item the company has used this system with and it works well. Just be sure not to use any mineral-oil based smoke fluid in it; that will ruin the unit.

Menards caboose coffee shop back view with power socket
The lights and water vapor smoke unit are powered through a 4.5V power supply available separately. It plugs in to the socket on the back or a pigtail beneath.

Instead, fill it with distilled H2O, then plug in the 4.5V power supply (sold separately, No. 279-4062 or 279-4050). Not only will you get vapor, but a lighted interior, and exterior marker lights, too.

Other features include a die-cast Dodge Sweptside pickup, four figures, Jack the German Shepherd, and landscaping for the “grounds.”

If your layout is in need of a structure but you don’t have much room, the Menards Caboose Coffee might be just your cup of…well, you get idea. All you need is a narrow strip next to a road to add some interest to your scene.

O Scale Caboose Coffee Shop by Menards

Item No. 275-9034

MSRP: $69.99


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