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An automotive palace: The Menards Vehicle Showroom

By Bob Keller | April 9, 2024

| Last updated on April 10, 2024

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Nobody can say the Menards doesn’t push the envelope in their line of O gauge structures. From power plants, to hotels, and office buildings, the company doesn’t just take an old design and slap new signage on the exterior.

tall structure
The showroom out of the box, unlit. Cody Grivno photo

The Vehicle Showroom (275-9281) counts as a spectacular design and and an innovative way to construct a major car dealership – not by expanding the lot, but by expanding vertically! This is the tallest structure Menards has released to date, a full 2” taller than their Yorke Hotel.

High, not wide!

tall structure with lights and vehicles
The showroom with white lights and added vehicles. Cody Grivno photo

The showroom is two feet tall with a modest octagonal footprint of roughly 10 x 10-inches. The base level has a busy showroom with tables, chairs, a counter and sales reps and customers. You’ll also spot plenty of room for an auto or two. Jack is even hanging around by the entrance.

The walls are transparent, allowing you to see the interior construction of the seven level building. Girders link together and support platforms on six floors. They are approximately 5-inches wide and are sized for 1:43 and 1:48 automobiles. How many can you fit in? I count 27 spots plus the showroom, which could easily fit two more vehicles.

Placing the cars and pickups

tall structure with blue lights
The showroom with blue lights and added vehicles. Cody Grivno photo

I’d guess most O gaugers have more vehicles than they can squeeze onto their roadways and this is the perfect way to show them off.

The roof has an access hatch cleverly held into place by magnets. Simple pull the tab up and the roof lifts open. You can spot the vehicles as you please just using your hand! We added a variety of vehicles from several manufacturers, and all easily fit inside the structure.

I can see this being popular with “trainless” collectors of die-cast metal police cars, taxicabs, hot rods, or vintage cars buying this just to show off their favorites!

Light it up

tall structure with green lights
The showroom with green lights and added vehicles. Cody Grivno photo

As with all Menards buildings, the auto dealership features interior lighting. Again, the Menards design team is thinking out of the box, and you can glam it up!

Connecting a Menards power supply (not included) you have options for three lighting colors: Standard white, blue, or green with a press of a button (located at ground level on the rear). The colors look great, especially in dim lighting.

Depending on how your layout is illuminated, available lighting may work just as well.

model vehicle showroom
Add your own vehicle to the showroom floor. Cody Grivno photo

Please note: Accessory lighting requires power Menard’s 4.5 volt power supply, sold separately. You can use the 279-4061/4361, 4060/4362, or 4050. You can connect it through a single plug over the tabletop or from beneath the shop from a drop down pigtail plug.

For more information or to order the No. 275-9281 Vehicle Showroom at and remember to opt for free shipping to your local Menards store.

Note: Vehicles shown in photos are not included with structure. Thanks to Jim Riccioli for loaning us the vehicles.

Menards Vehicle Showroom (275-9281)

Features: Fully lit in one of three colors (white, blue, and green), spaces to store up to 27 vehicles, magnetic roof for access to interior, showroom with “velvet” carpeting

Price: $129.99


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