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Big steam in the coal fields

By Ray Stuber | October 17, 2014

The O gauge Appalachian Central packs plenty of action in 8 x 12 feet

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Layout designer: Ray Stuber
Scale: O
Layout size: 8 x 12
Track type: Lionel Fastrack
Minimum curve: O-31

Originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of Classic Toy Trains.

Steam in the coal fields track plan

Steam in the coal fields track plan schematic

4 thoughts on “Big steam in the coal fields

  1. I used this Fastrack plan to build my first Lionel setup for my grandkids. Still do the wiring and haven't even started scenery. A warning to ALL reads that like this plan. You MUST use the Fastrack O-31 curved tracked called for. Do NOT try and supplement with O-36 fastrack. It won't fit on an 8X12 table. Though I'm not displeased with my re-aligned track plan it certainly is not what I originally envisioned using the above plan

  2. I find that I prefer layouts which are less "busy." Not so packed with track, but more scenery. Bruce's comment about reachability is a good one. There is only one spot on my layout which is unreachable, but guess where the derailments always seem to happen? Maybe you could design in a center access hatch.

  3. I like the general routing but a derailment in the middle of this could be problematic in terms of reach. Another observation is ( for my tastes and pocket book) that it has too much track tied up in sidings as the plan would be an expensive proposition to begin with..add the cost of all those switches and…your credit card might wear out. Generally, though..I like the concept.

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