How To Restoration & Repair CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 2

CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 2

By | December 13, 2013

Watch this timelapse video of the CTT staff laying the track for the Port Terminal & Western project railroad.

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On the second day of construction, the CTT staff installed the track for the Port Terminal & Western railroad. Read the full story in the February 2014 issue!

10 thoughts on “CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 2

  1. OK… so the speed up time lapse shows you what a couple of guys did in a single day…. But I would really like to see more detail on just how they configured the two copies of the Walther's waterfront sheet. It just goes by way to fast for me to learn anything from it.

  2. Cant agree more with the above statements . If you want to make a Laural & Hardy film then keep up this junk, otherwise please make a film we can watch and learn from.

  3. I would echo a previous comment made for day one concerning the video being a little tooo fast. Perhaps a brief intro in normal speed describing what was done on day two and then double the playing time would enhance the video enjoyment and benefit to me.

  4. love the video,same question as larry.about using atlas track and switches,would it fit in the same area.

  5. Could you till me what track I would need if I used Atlas track and graves switches.
    This is for the Port Terminal project or which track would you suggest if you were going to buy new track?

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