Railroads & Locomotives Timelines & Book Reviews Electric Railways of North America in Color, Vol. 1 book review

Electric Railways of North America in Color, Vol. 1 book review

By Brian Schmidt | July 14, 2022

Review of color book on electric rail operations

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Electric Railways of North America book coverElectric railroads served a variety of purposes in North America: carrying commuters, industrial switching, and mainline freight and passenger service. From coal-hauling, six-axle, red-white-and-blue motors in British Columbia to plain green electric m.u. cars in New Jersey, there can be broad interest in electric railroads.


Noted railfan Matthew Herson has lended his photographic collection to create this 128-page volume. The book generally shows four photos per spread, a format that provides hundreds of color photos for the reader. However, it lacks any type of index or table of contents. The book opens with British Columbia Hydro and ends with Reading commuter operations. This volume is a nice addition for electric traction fans, covering a variety of freight and passenger operations.


Electric Railways of North America by George W. Hamlin. Morning Sun Books, Avon-by-the-Sea, N.J. 128 pages, $69.95.

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