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Horseshoe Curve in 1969

By | February 15, 2019

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See color movies that Dave’s friend Dick Wallin took during their 1969 visit to Horseshoe Curve.

7 thoughts on “Horseshoe Curve in 1969

  1. Our class trip, in 6th grade, was a trip to Altoona. The morning was spent at Horse Shoe Curve, the afternoon at the Shrine Circus. 1361 was the first steam locomotive I ever saw close up. HSC has been a regular visit in the summers ever since. In 2012 I watched NKP 765 pull it’s train west bound without help. What a show! On May 27, 2013 I checked an item off my bucket list : ride around HSC behind steam. NKP 765 again, in a full dome car no less! So HSC is a special place to me.

  2. This video is epic! It really brought to life the article by JDI from the current issue. And it really brought me back to that era, seeing the PC in Northern Indiana on car trips to my grandparents. And as a classically trained trombonist, the music is epic as well đŸ˜‰

  3. great video , the good old days of Penn Central and I don’t care what technology brings a CABOOSE is a end of the train , not that ending device they have now !

  4. i rode on the Pennsylvania Limited back from Chicago to NYC in 1965, and then out to Chicago from NYC in March 1971. I was glad to see what that train looked like in 1969.

  5. First went to HSC in 1990. Will always remember that first trip. Clean freight cars, pole lines, seeing the operator in
    AR Tower from the hill across the tracks…all gone now. Great video!

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