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Cresting Tennessee Pass

By | March 29, 2021

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Steam locomotive with freight train

Steam locomotive with freight train

Rio Grande’s California Fast Freight departs Tennessee Pass station, crest of the Continental Divide, in April 1938. Big 2-8-8-2 3606 will keep the train in check on the 3 percent grade down to Minturn, Colo.

H. Kindig

3 thoughts on “Cresting Tennessee Pass

  1. I see with this wonderful photo that we have lost another good feature in the rush to change everything: that is the ability to click on the photo to enlarge it near full screen. Too bad.

    1. Seems every time they try to make it better, it gets less intuitive, slower and more cumbersome. Being able to click on the photo to enlarge it will certainly be missed.

  2. The message seems to be: Cancel your print subscriptions and join the (pay) website. Until the website gets better content (allowing us to re-size these photos would be a good start) I think I’ll just do the cancel part. I won’t cancel but I will simply let the subscriptions (I’ve subscribed or bought at news stands since the 50’s) lapse and part ways with Kalmbach media.

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