Trains of the 1940s


In this Issue

War and Peace, Duty and Rebirth

After giving their all during World War II, the railroads looked ahead to a bright future of diesels and streamliners

Main line to victory

Four weeks after Pearl Harbor, railroads are doing vital war work in moving men and materiel to the Pacific Coast

Union Pacific's big boys

Giant 4-8-8-4s have gone to work hauling freight across Wyoming and Utah

Hitler’s Rail-Wreckers

Great railroad landmarks were prime targets in a daring Nazi sabotage plot conceived by the Fuehrer himself

Train Travel, 1943

Was it as bad as the newspaper columnists pictured it? It depends upon what train you rode and when you rode it

Wartime on the santa fe

Diesels and line improvements help handle a 175-percent increase in freight traffic on a vital route to the West Coast

By Train to Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga

A Jack Benny radio gag was just a collection of L.A.-area place names — or was it?

Postwar Streamliner Dreams

CB&Q’s Vista Dome car and GM’s Astra Liner train are forerunners of radically different designs for postwar trains

Railfan’s Saturday Night

Spend an hour at Chicago’s Englewood Union Station, where trains of four railroads keep the tracks busy

The ’40s in Photos

Troop sleepers on Donner, New Haven steam and diesel, interurbans in color, early postwar streamliners, draftees in Penn Station, prewar City of L.A., CB&Q on the SP, and more

Third Trick at spuyten duyvil

A tower on NYC’s Electric Division routes passengers to Grand Central and freight down the West Side Line

President Truman’s Campaign special

30,000 miles of rail travel played an important part in the surprise re-election of the 33rd President

To Seattle on the Olympian Hi

Sampling the Skytop lounge and other features of the Mil- waukee Road’s fine new trans- continental streamliner

The Shift from Steam . . .

. . . is in full swing. In 1949 the diesel bandwagon keeps rolling along, but some of its gilt paint is peeling off