Fallen Flags: Santa Fe Remembered

Classic Trains’ new 100-page special issue covers the famed Santa Fe Railway. Featuring 11 stories, five improved maps, and more color photos, this single reference will guide you through the history of one of the most recognized railroads in history.


In this Issue

The Santa Fe Mystique

What was it that set Cyrus K. Holliday’s railroad apart from all the others?

Super Railroad

This is the story of the Santa Fe. Superlatives are in order: there has never been such a railroad!

‘Shadows of Things That Have Been’

Christmas invokes an appreciation of the passenger works of John Santa Fe

Alco in a Warbonnet

Reflections on the Santa Fe’s own “honorary steam locomotive”

Surf Line, 1940

Examine the Santa Fe’s route to San Diego on the eve of World War II

My Life at Summit

Part 1: I learn the job and start a family

Change comes to Summit

Part 2: Southern Pacific arrives, Santa Fe relocates, and our way of life ends

Crown of the Santa Fe

Now just an outpost, Raton Pass still demands the best from any railroader brave enough to challenge it

The straight-line route from Kansas City to Chicago

A vital player in international transportation

Thirty years of 4-8-4s

Stately in their march across prairie and mountains

An icon in the toy world

Lionel’s Santa Fe F3 continues as one of the most popular model railroad items ever made