Modeling How-To Beginners How to install feeder wires

How to install feeder wires

By David Popp | December 27, 2022

Learn the basics of this essential model railroading task

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How to install feeder wires: Installing feeder wires is not a task many model railroaders look forward to, but it is nonetheless an essential activity. In this video, learn how to install feeder wires and the basics of soldering with director David Popp.

Whether you’re a first-time modeler looking to learn from an expert, or a veteran model railroader wanting to brush up on the basics, learning the process for soldering feeder wires is necessary to run trains on your layout, and David Popp may have a few tips to help make this task more efficient.

To learn more about soldering feeder wires, read David Popp’s 10 quick steps to solder feeder wires.

2 thoughts on “How to install feeder wires

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve been soldering wires for 50+ years but always good to see someone else or other tips like flattening the end of wire.

  2. Thanks for the video David. I’m currently adding feeder wires to yet another “new” section of my ever expending layout. Its been awhile since I’ve had to do any wiring, so the tips are very timely. Just wondering if it would be helpful to tin the flattened end of the feeder wires prior to sliding them through the drilled holes in the roadbed?

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