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Super-size Soo Line tie replacement

By Ray Grosser | October 25, 2019

Replacing ties on a 1.6"-scale line is a big project!

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One thought on “Super-size Soo Line tie replacement

  1. I’ve ridden on their trains. I’m a member of the K&I Model RR Club in Louisville and many of us did a field trip to Ray & Renee’s wonderful place. They were so welcoming. Renee had desserts made for us, and after riding a little while in a gondola, Ray gave me the controls, (a throttle very similar to an HO DCC throttle) and said- “run it”, your the engineer now”! He didn’t know me from Adam! Friends of his also came and brought a Steam Engine to ride. They are awesome modelers even their inside S-Gauge layout that Renee has made most all the buildings and has a history of each building hanging below on the fascia. David C.

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