Submitting photographs

By submitting your photograph (or photographs) to Garden Railways, you agree that your photograph may be published by Garden Railways and affiliated Kalmbach Media brands (“we” or “us”). If your photograph is accepted for publication, you grant us one-time usage rights in a product (“product”) to be determined by the editors, such as a magazine issue, a website, a book, a special interest publication, or a video.

You agree that usage in a product can include some or all of the following: (1) the right to reproduce all or portions of the photograph in connection with promotion, advertising, publicity, educational, and promotional purposes, in any media or medium, associated with the product; (2) the right to publish the photograph in any other electronic or digital format associated with the product. These rights are non-exclusive.

You understand that we have the right to modify the photograph for style, including cropping and color correction, without prior consent.

You also warrant that the photograph is original, that you are the sole creator or the sole owner; that you have not assigned nor licensed any right in it to any other party that would violate this agreement, nor are you aware of any third party with any right in it; and that reproduction and distribution of the photograph does not infringe on any other party’s existing copyright or trademark. Additionally, you will indemnify and hold harmless us against any resulting cost, loss, damage, expense and judgment resulting from any breach of these warranties, including, without limitation, settlement payments, and reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and disbursements.

You retain all ownership rights to the photograph. You will be credited as the author or owner of the photograph. Any uses of the photograph by and affiliated Kalmbach Media brands beyond the scope of the original primary purpose will require your permission.

New product submission

Manufacturers, do you have a product you’d like reviewed on Garden Railways’ website?

A review in Garden Railways will showcase your product before our entire readership. Your product does not necessarily have to be new on the market. As long as it has never appeared in our pages before we are happy to review it. This service is available to any manufacturer or exclusive distributor of any product that pertains to garden railroading or railway gardening.

Mail your product directly to:
Garden Railways
21027 Crossroads Circle
Waukesha WI 53186