Beginners FAQs


By Angela Cotey | May 1, 2021

| Last updated on April 14, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions for Garden Railways readers:

Q: Trains in the backyard or around the house seem like fun. How do I start?

A: One great way to start is to look through our Beginners section. There you can find downloadable articles as well as basics articles to help you on your journey. We also sell more than 100 PDF packages in a variety of subjects.

Q: I thought Garden Railways closed in 2020. Are you still open?

A: Yes, we are still here, but as a website only. Many of the articles you enjoyed in Garden Railways magazine are available as web articles as well as in our complete archives, for members. You can also keep visiting us for new articles that we’ll continue posting periodically.

Q: It’s more fun for me to build things. Do you have projects I can work on?

A: Glad you asked. We have an entire projects section online. Hope you enjoy!

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