News & Reviews News Preview Garden Railways March and April content

Preview Garden Railways March and April content

By Rene Schweitzer | March 3, 2023

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March and April Garden Railways content

While we may no longer be printing Garden Railways magazine, we’re adding new content to every week! Here’s a few recent items, and a preview of what’s coming in the coming month. Become a member so you don’t miss any of this great content!

Kitbash an inexpensive flag stop station

red and green model station on a table
With paint, signage, and a few details, you can make a unique feature for your railroad. Photo by James Royal

James Royal found an inexpensive toy and makes a station with just a few supplies.


Meet James Kottkamp

black and white photo of inside of model roundhouse
Inside of the Rio Grande roundhouse rests Galloping Goose No 6. Photo by James Kottkamp

Learn all about James Kottkamp, and see the interesting models he’s made and the friendships he’s found along the way.


A 1980s Conrail garden railway profile

blue model train on a garden railway
An SD40-2 and SD38 roll through the verdant Pennsylvanian countryside on the Bishopstown Subdivision. The SD38 is a heavily modified SD40 that is coupled against a couple of scratchbuilt 50’ hi-cube boxcars. Photo by Mark Bottrill

Kitbash a Sinclair gas station

model gas station with green plastic dinosaur on the front
Bill Barnwell scratchbuilt this Sinclair gas station using a PVC drain plug as the body of the structure. He added the dinosaur for fun, but it was modeled on a version he’d seen as a child. Bill Barnwell photo

Visit the North Ohio Central

model train rests near structure on garden railroad
The AT&SF passenger train waits on the depot siding. Four buildings in the background (starting at left) include a model of a 100-year-old church that is still used in Munden, Kansas; the 27 room lodge the author designed; Wall Drug Store, from Wall, South Dakota (slightly modified); the depot, modeled after the Williams depot by the Grand Canyon, built by the Santa Fe in the early 1900s. Two types of stonecrop soften the rocks. Richard Nelson photo
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