How To Kitbash a large-scale gazebo for your garden

Kitbash a large-scale gazebo for your garden

By Rene Schweitzer | April 12, 2021

Modify a tealight candle holder for a unique addition to your railway

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Large-scale gazebo with two female figures next to it.
Large-scale gazebo with two female figures next to it.
Build this gazebo for your railway with just a few supplies. Photo by Bill Zuback

DIY garden train gazebo

While shopping at a local thrift store, I spotted an aluminum tea light candle holder. The shape and size approximated a large-scale gazebo. With minor modifications and spray paint, it would make a weatherproof and inexpensive display piece in the railroad. I added a miniature hanging basket plant, made from a glue-stick cap, paper clip wire, and a small scrap of outdoor carpet. Follow the steps to make your own gazebo. Find a similar tea light holder at Michaels (Kate Aspen series), Menards (Enchanted Garden line), or search Amazon for “mini lantern candle holder.”

Photo of pliers, hole punch, spray paint, paper clip, old toothbrush, E6000 glue, lantern tealight holder, outdoor carpet scrap, and small cap.
Photo by Bill Zuback

Supply list

Lantern tealight holder
Old toothbrush
Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X spray paint (primer and white)
Cap from bottle or glue stick
Paper clip or other small gauge wire
Scrap of outdoor carpet
E6000 or other waterproof glue
Medium-sized hole punch

Hands using an old toothbrush to clean lantern tealight holder.
Photo by Bill Zuback

Remove the handle from the tealight holder before gently washing the structure and cap. Allow both parts to dry.


Hands using a hole punch to cut hole in the side of a small cap
Photo by Bill Zuback

Use a medium-sized hole punch to make holes in each side of the glue-stick cap. Optionally, you could use an eyelet punch.


Needlenose pliers bend wire to form a basket from a small cap.
Photo by Bill Zuback

Use needlenose pliers to reshape a metal paper clip into a wire basket hanger. Attach the wire to the basket.

Painted large-scale gazebo and flower basket
Photo by Bill Zuback

Prime and paint the gazebo and plastic flower basket.


Scissors cutting a piece of outdoor carpet.
Photo by Bill Zuback

Cut out a circle of outdoor carpet. Add a dab of glue inside of the basket, and press the carpet scrap in place.


Add the basket to the gazebo and place in your garden!

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  1. Hi. I’m puzzled. After punching holes, then inserting a wire, what is the modified cap to be used for ?

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