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The Martians come to Earth to mine Kryptonite

By Angela Cotey | January 3, 2020

The weekly arrival of the Martian Express is awaited by all in the town of Rock Springs

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Name: Peter Atonna
Railroad Name: Seligman and Paulden Lines
Location: Paulden, Arizona
Scale: O
Description: Kryptonite is the only fuel found to power extraterrestrial vehicles. Here is the story about how Earth supplies it

10 thoughts on “The Martians come to Earth to mine Kryptonite

  1. That was really clever and a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the brief glimpse of the Santa Fe Zebra GP-7. It reminded me of my days of train watching as a kid at the depot in Paris, Texas. Did you create all the Martian Express from existing cars or did you have to start from scratch. Thanks again for sharing. Also that was a good soundtrack for the video. Seemed appropriate to me.

  2. Paul, there is a really nice set in the Lionel 2020 Catalog that just came out along with some new accessories – pretty nice! There were also two Lionel Area 51 sets made that you should be able to find as well.

  3. Paul, the set is a made up set. I was buying the Area 51 cars that were neat when I had the idea of making a train. I never saw a loco I liked until I started looking at the Lionel Phantom locos. Their design seemed a perfect fit for one to pull an alien train. One of the series was in green that was a great match for the Area 51 cars. It had TMCC so it ran on my layout. Not only that, it’s sound was perfect for communicating with the Mars base!

  4. Pete: Great layout & video. The story line really had me laughing! I love seeing layouts with a sense of humor included…. And yours is really out there!!!

  5. Awesome video Peter, I was going to ask you got the train set, but I see it’s already listed in the comments below. Great job!!!!!

  6. Paul, it was called the Lionel Area 51 Groom Lake 6-30087 Train Set. I don’t think any version of it is still made but I do see them pop up on ebay from time to time. Also great video Peter, really enjoyed watching.

  7. Pete, are any of the Area 51 or alien cars still being made? Was there ever a complete set made? I would like to run something like this purely for the fun of it. Thanks for this great video which demonstrates how much fun can be had even by those who are sticklers for prototypical reality on our model railroads.

  8. Peter, that is an incredible lay-out and I LOVED the storyline! Really needed this video today – put a smile on my face! Thank you for sharing and once again, INCREDIBLE Lay-out!

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