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Building a portable Marx toy train layout

By David Smith | September 16, 2015

| Last updated on September 21, 2022

Lots of Marx trains and accessories in action

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Name:    David Smith
Forum User Name:    David Smith
Description:    Here is my Marx portable electric toy train layout. It features Marx 6″ tin lithographed cars and metal engines. There are lots of Marx operating accessories that can be easily attached and removed from the layout. The Marx overhead crane has been customized to include an electromagnet and the car unloader was made from the top of an American Flyer unloader and the chassis of a Marx 7″ car.

20 thoughts on “Building a portable Marx toy train layout

  1. Fantastic… all the working features and the A.C. Gilbert added accessories. Marx are my favorite trains but like you I also combine different names.

  2. Enjoyed your video. Looks like a lot of fun to run and you did a great job making it so portable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Please help. I cannot find the complete article. I went to my Sept. 16, 2015 issue and it’s not there.

  4. It ‘d be great to have more Marx in CTT! Seeing these Marx trains in action bring back a lot of memories of my first train – an ‘ultra modern’ Marx Union Pacific passenger train set. The train would go so fast around the curves the last car would jump the tracks and send sparks all over the tracks– loved it as any kid would!

  5. Anybody want to buy my Marx accessories? Surely some recognition of scale size should have been in their (Marx) objectives. I was just a young kid then. This is all we could get in Canada. My parents meant well, but ………………..!!!

  6. Absolutely loved it!!! Very clever method of electrifying the removeable accessories. But…Lionel track? For shame!!

  7. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of Marx but…David Smith has done a super job on a really fun ,small layout , and he's not afraid to use switches !! Dave Kinzrlman , Sugar Land , Texas

  8. Fun! Lotsa color. Dramatic
    "night" shot. Loved the accessory demonstrations. Ambient sound made it seem like I was "playing" right along side. Great, well-composed and shot video.

  9. Is there a step-by-step article in CTT on how to build this exact layout? I would probably re-subscribe if so. I love tinplate and want to build this layout. I had to give up CTT a few years ago and have really missed it but I agree with Glenn – not enough recognition for Marx and tinplate in general. We're not all master hobbyists yearning for realism. Where can I get detailed instructions on building this layout?!!!! I love it !!!

  10. Very cool! A pristine Marx layout-and everything is wired up and works. In my opinion there is not enough recognition of Marx in the toy train hobby.

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