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Preview the March 2019 issue of Classic Toy Trains magazine

By Carl Swanson | January 18, 2019

Lionel in 1949--see a stunning lineup of great trains! Add a moving boat to your layout, custom paint a locomotive, visit a walkaround style S gauge layout, wigwags and banjo signals, and much more

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8 thoughts on “Preview the March 2019 issue of Classic Toy Trains magazine

  1. Never received January issue. Called 3X over last 2 months. Still none received. Do you want to retain your subscribers or are you working to lose them ?

  2. I note your comments on reducing CTT from 9 Issues per year to 8..I also note in your latest CTT issue, the ‘flyer insert’ indicates a renewal or new subscription rates for 8 issues / year at $39.95. This of course is the same rate as before for 9 issues.

    Too bad CTT does not reduce renewal or new subscription to a prorate of $35.50 (1 Year) which would be an adjusted 8 issue rate. This is based on previous subscriber cost of $4.44 / issue ($39.95/9 issues =$4.44/issue) ($4.44 x 8 = $35.50).

    In essence Subscribers are asked to pay the same but get Less..

    I would think with CTT being in publication for 30 years, they would have a better solution to this situation then asking their Subscribers to pay the same as before, but be content to get Less! Emphasizing ‘Less’ – the issues in past 2 years or so have gotten fairly skinny. Doesn’t that item in itself aid in having less print costs?

    Good Luck on Renewals!

  3. Been a subscriber for many many years. Have enough back issues to re-read and get ideas from for my ongoing layout. I guess like other dissatisfied subscribers, we will be parting company when my subscription expires. Same price—less issues? What gives? Sorry.

  4. I realize that to some subscribers this change is not popular and agree that renewals will be hurt.

    For me personally, I would rather have the 8 issues per year at the same price as the 9 issues per year rather than not have CTT magazine at all, i.e. I see the glass as being half full vs. being half empty. Anyway, there may very well be more pages per issue with the 8 issues per year than there have been with the 9 issues per year.

    Many model train hobby publishers are doing the exact some thing, for example, MRH (HO scale) and only available on-line, for the first time has been forced to create two levels of subscriptions, one paid and one free. The Publisher did an excellent job of explaining to their subscribers as to why this was necessary, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to maintain a free subscription and they would cease to exist. CTT Editor
    Carl Swanson also did an excellent job of explaining why this change was necessary, and is also right in line with what the MRH Publisher stated.

    Fellow model railroaders, times have significantly changed over the past 10+ years with respect to printed magazines, decreased advertisers, decreased model train shops, etc. Hopefully, the current trend of less will someday turn around to more.

  5. I will remain loyal to CTT. Publishing is a tough business these days, but you have a great staff. Roger Carp’s articles on the historic aspects of the hobby has been a joy to read. How does he manage the research required? He’s an investigative reporter if ever there was one. Yes, I’m sorry about the cut-back in issues, but I get it. If we don’t support the hobby, who will? Keep up your fine work.

  6. I enjoy CTT. Sad to see it go to 8 issues as I was hoping it would go to 10. Magazines are a thing of yesteryear but I’m hearing speciality magazines have an edge up. Hoping digital subscribers pick up the slack for CTT. I used to get paper copies until recently. I went digital and it’s great.

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