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Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street vehicles

By Rene Schweitzer | April 29, 2024

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I grew up around cars; my dad managed a tire/repair shop until his retirement. So when Bachmann offered to send a couple of their new E-Z Street vehicles for review, the answer was an easy yes.

These vehicles are part of the former K-Line “Super Streets” line, renamed by Williams by Bachmann as E-Z Street. To operate these, you’ll need either Super Streets or E-Z Street track, sold separately.

red and blue model cars
New vehicles for the E-Z Street line include an ambulance and station wagon. Cody Grivno photo

We were sent two models for review, an ambulance and a blue station wagon. The station wagon is labeled as 1:48 scale and measures 5” long from bumper to bumper. Full-size station wagons came in varying lengths. The largest model I could find was a 1978 Buick Estate wagon, measuring 231.8”, which is about 4.82” in 1:48. The ambulance uses the same body as the wagon, so it’s similar in scale.

underside of model vehicle
The vehicle underside features four metal wheels and two pickup rollers. Rene Schweitzer photo

Both vehicles have metal bodies. On the underside are four metal wheels and two tiny pickup rollers. The underside is plastic, as are most of the details (bumpers, windows, etc.). They weigh one pound each, so they have a nice heft factor when you pick them up. Paint and details are nicely done. Lettering on the ambulance is crisp.

I set up a loop of the old K-Line track we had on hand in the office. There were no connector wires for this track, so co-worker David Popp soldered feeder wires to the middle and outer rails so I could attach alligator clips to a Lionel KW transformer for power. If you purchase the Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street Track Pack (00275), it includes connector wires and won’t require soldering; just clip on the connectors and go. You can also purchase a powered track section (00267).

oop of track, power pack, and vehicle on track
A circle of track fits on an office desk. Rene Schweitzer photo

I put the station wagon on the track, applied power, and away it went. I thought the vehicles would have lighting, but they do not. This was wishful thinking on my part; the original K-Line Super Streets versions weren’t lighted.

The vehicles seem to have one speed, starting around 6 volts. If you increase the voltage too high, beyond around 15 volts, the vehicles stop. They do not operate in reverse. I added the second vehicle to the circle and ran both successfully. I have to admit; it was fun to run these vehicles right on my office desk!

If station wagons and ambulances are not your thing, there are other vehicles available, including delivery vans, sedans, an animal control truck, a food truck, and more.

It’s nice to see this line revived by Williams by Bachmann. I look forward to seeing what other items they might add.

Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street vehicles

Ambulance (42743) and light blue Station Wagon (42744)

Price: $109.95 each

Features: 1:48 scale, die-cast metal body with metal wheels and pickup rollers

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