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Menards Moe’s Cycle Shop

By Bob Keller | December 20, 2023

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Menards has really shaken up how O gaugers build their layout cities. Parking garages, nuclear power plants, towering hotels and even strip shopping centers populate layouts nation-wide.
One aspect of the Menards building line is that there is often a space-saving feature such as the “run-through” tunnel that allows you to place a structure right on the railroad, or my favorite, the low-relief that presents a 3-D facade.
model motorcyle shop structure
Cody Grivno photo

Moe’s footprint has a modest 9-inch width, 7-inch height, and 6-inch depth. This suggests a full building, but in fact is a compact false front. These can be placed against a wall, or behind other structures to create a feeling of depth.

Moe’s Motorcycles (275-9251) is the latest accessory from Menards that allows you to flesh out your city. Is one, however, you aren’t going to want to hide it behind the Tide plant!
The structure looks weather beaten. Maybe the building was a blacksmith shop back in the day. Who knows, but the wood is weather worn with peeling paint, moss growing up the wall, and a roof that has seen many summer storms. But the place still has life left in it, and a new owner has arrived on the scene: Moe’s Cycle Shop.
The new owner has an artist poised on the roof painting a new sign with a graphic that evokes Meat Loaf’s “Bat out of Hell” album! A motorcycle with a skull-faced driver leaving a trail of flames! Very cool.
There are two other figures at hand: A young woman who stands by to steady the artist’s ladder, and kneeling by a cruiser motor cycle. Could this be Moe himself?


model motorcyle shop structure
Cody Grivno photo

Add-on details include three motorcycles (red, blue, and maroon). You’ll spot a barrel, trash can, a packing crate, and if you need a spare, two tires.

The storefront has a dark office and window, a doorway, and dark window. Another window has a photo showing the interior. Just around the right side is an entry to the restroom.
The neatest element us the workshop. A shop photo covers the three interior walls. The back wall shows a man with a motorcycle. The perspective of the photo looks perfectly scaled just right for O gauge.
The building also features vintage advertising for Quaker State oil, Champion Spark plugs, Fram air filters, and Michelin motorcycle tires!
And as always, Moe’s features brilliant illumination. The structure does require Menard’s 4.5 volt power supply (No. 2794061, 2794062, or 2794050, sold separately), that may be connected either over the tabletop through a receptacle on the back wall, or from below with a pigtail connector.
Moe’s Cycle Shop
SKU: 275-9251
Price: $49.99
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