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Menards JimBo’s Gym

By Rene Schweitzer | January 4, 2024

Get in a workout, or just stop in for a coffee

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It’s the new year and time for many to follow through on a popular new year’s resolution—heading to the gym. Menards has got you covered with their latest structure release, JimBo’s Gym (275-9253).

front of model structure
Photo courtesy of Menards

This modern-format building measures 10 ½” long, 5 ¾” wide, and 6 ½” tall. It’s a two-story brick and glass structure that’s both a gym (second floor) and a coffee shop (first floor). The building’s front has a logo of a hand gripping a free weight. An interesting note is that the gym’s logo is on both sides of the building and not the front. The roof has a skylight and assorted utility boxes on top. There’s a flowerbox with flowers, a woman walking to the doors, and Jack the German shepherd waits quietly to the right of the doors.

side of model structure
Photo courtesy of Menards

The first-floor coffee ship features a barista behind the counter and a patron sitting on a chair. A few more chairs and a table are nearby. The backdrop to the left has more tables and chairs, and behind the barista are coffee machines, donuts, and coffee flavorings on shelves.

Follow the white staircase up to the second floor and you’ll find a combination gym/yoga studio. The gym has three treadmills with one patron exercising, and two multi-function exercise chairs. In the yoga studio, you’ll see a two-level rack with blue and pink exercise balls, four yoga mats, and two woman holding tree poses. A mirror behind the gym gives the illustration of twice the space on the second floor—a neat affect.

backside of structure
Gain easy access to the interior by removing the back panel. Rene Schweitzer photo

This structure has a removable back panel. Remove the seven small screws and you get easy access to the inside. Take care when you remove the panel, as part of the staircase is attached to the back panel. This is a nifty feature, and it will allow you to customize the interior to your liking.

As has become standard for Menards, the structure is illuminated. I like that there are marquee-type lights that shine down on the fist/weight graphic on the building front.

The structure does require Menard’s 4.5 volt power supply (No. 2794061, 2794062, or 2794050, sold separately), that may be connected either over the tabletop through a receptacle on the back wall, or from below with a pigtail connector.

If you’re looking for a modern building for your town, this is a nice one. And I can see ways to easily customize the exterior too (graffiti on the building side, more figures on the sidewalk, add a custom sign for the coffee shop, etc.).

JimBo’s Gym

SKU: 275-9253

Price: $69.99


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